Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tu-Tu Cute!

Lacey and I have a friend named Tiffany who has the most precious little soon to be 3 year old. We were all over for dinner and drinks one night when Tiff was talking about little Riley's birthday party and how she really wanted to get this birthday outfit for her off of etsy.

I knew as soon as I saw it I could make something similar for more than half of that $65 price tag. So I headed on up to the local Hobby Lobby and bought different colored spools of tulle as well as a bundle of fabric in different patterns.

Tiff agreed that the one at the very top would be a cute number 3 applique on a top for her. That way, it wasn't birthday themed and she could wear the top more than just once.

On to the tu-tu. In addition to the above notions I bought a yard of 1 inch white elastic. Based on Riley's waist size I cut and sewed the elastic together. I also started cutting strips of the tulle of each color at 18". It's always better to be generous than not enough.

One by one I would take a color and tie it to the elastic like so:

Once I finished about a fourth of it, it looked like this:

It was really time consuming but a super easy project for all of you mom's to little girls! Here is the finished product.

Stay tuned on how I put the applique on her shirt as well as her birthday girl pictures!


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