Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY State Art

I saw this project on Pinterest and thought it would be a great addition to my bare gallery wall that Lacey and my husband helped me design/hang. There is much to be added but here is what it looked like before we added the state art.

The artwork on the top left hand corner with the dates was also inspired by Pinterest and was designed by my friend Tracy Woodard! The bottom silhouette of my dear Polly (a 4 lb chihuahua) was done by Deidre, the art director at the company that I work for. The rest of the pictures are just some black and whites on the day of our wedding. I have lots more to fill up so I'm getting nervous about getting it all done before we host our supper club at our house but I digress. On to the project....

First things first was to buy some type of wood to do the project on. I chose something round to give my wall a little contrast since it was full of squares and rectangles. This was found at Lowe's and it's technically I think the top of a table.

Second you'll print out a picture of the state you wish to do. Mine is South Carolina.

As you can see in this picture I have already hammered nails in around the outline of the state.

Next, remove the paper like so:

I added a heart around Florence/Darlington where we live like so:

Once I painted it black and it dried I chose a starting point on one of the outside nails of the state outline. I wove the yarn from a nail in the outline of the state and wound it around one of the heart nails one after another until I worked myself all the way around the outline of the state. One thing I would change is making the heart bigger to make a bigger working area. Especially when using a thick yarn like I did instead of a string.

I did not take pictures during the winding of the yarn because I needed both hands but here is the final product up on the wall! Ta-Da!


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