Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I've got it covered...


When I first bought my townhouse the first thing my then boyfriend helped me buy was a patio set. It was one of the cheaper ones but that was fine with me because I knew that I would want a bigger set once we moved into a bigger space. Well, 2 years later I didn't listen and take my cushions in when we weren't using them. They have weathered everything from rain, sun, and even hail. Which is why they look like this:

Well apparently having supper club at our house later this month has gotten my butt in gear with getting things done around the house (the bar, some deep cleaning, getting my portrait framed, some new curtains and now this).

I purchased fabric for 4 pillows and enough to do 2 chairs like the one above and a bench with 2 backs like the chair above. I will be the first to say it does not look like a professional job, however it did beat the price take of $40-50 per cushion for a lady in town to recover them. I spent about $80 on ALL of the fabric. The first chair took me 6 hours to do and turned out like this:

Thank God not all of these chairs have taken 6 hours a piece. I actually knocked out another "back" that will go on the bench last night while watching Rambo with the hubs in about an hour and a half or so and now I've gotten all of this done!

And only have 1 more back and the bench seat to finish! Look for an updated outside picture of it all at the end of next week!


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