Friday, February 17, 2012

Here goes nothing..

Welcome to made! We have been friends for quite some time. Last August Caren married Austin, and Lacey was a bridesmaid! In October Lacey married Wes and Caren was a bridesmaid!

Caren and Lacey at Caren’s wedding
August 13, 2011
Lacey and Caren at Lacey’s Wedding
October 29, 2011

Last year kept us busy with our weddings and we are both now semi-settled into our homes with our new husbands! Now, we are filling our time with crafts and decorating our homes. Some of our projects are successful…and some don’t turn out so great! We’ve decided to start a blog and share our ideas, inspirations, innovations! We’ll share some of our favorite blogs and our attempts at their projects.
Here’s a little more about us:
My name is Caren and I’m a lot of things these days…An entrepreneur (details coming soon), a sales person for an outdoor advertising company in my home town, and addict (to my iPhone of course) a wannabe photographer and a pinterest-aholic.

Right before Christmas 2011 I mentioned to my mom that I thought it would be a great thing to know how to sew so “Santa” brought me a Brother sewing machine. As soon as I took it out of the box I went straight to work making Lacey a pillow for her master bedroom and a brown paper bag skirt for me! (pictures to come soon!) I started trying to “make” stuff when Pinterest became so popular. I thought while reading all of these blogs on DIY projects…”why can’t I do that?” And guess what, If I can, you definitely can.

Mine and Lacey’s attempts at being crafty are just that, attempts. Sometimes they turn out okay and sometimes I know I hide the creations in our hall closet so no one sees (especially my husband...its evidence that I wasted money, haha). Austin gets annoyed when there’s something new going on weekly; one more project started for 2 that haven’t been completed but it keeps me busy and him on his toes to see what will be hung on our walls when he comes home.

I think that’s enough about me. Stay tuned for some great creations and maybe even some laughs at projects that turn out to be train wrecks of ideas.

I’m Lacey and I love to decorate and organize. I have lots of ideas and projects on my to-do list and I am anxious to get started. Of course most of the ideas are from Pinterest because I too, am a pinterest-aholic. My husband frequently reminds me of this!

I come from a crafty family if DIY’ers. My mom and her sisters are quite creative and they love a DIY project. Thanks to them I’ve learned to be pretty crafty myself. I also have to thank them for giving me the wedding of my dreams! With their creative touch and hard work, everything turned out perfectly. Here they are having some fun after all their hard work!
So, here goes nothing! Caren and I are entering the blogging world! There will be some great projects and there will be some bad projects. Most importantly…we’re going to have fun!

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